Marius – lover of purple jellyfish (video)

The male sea turtle Marios from the island of Naxos has become a celebrity because of his love for brown (purple, violet) jellyfish.

Dominance this year brown jellyfish (Pelagia noctiluca) in the Aegean Sea has become a real headache for the Greek authorities, residents of the country and numerous tourists. Sea turtle caretta carretta named Marios is making his contribution to the fight against scourge. And it seems that he likes such a menu. In the organization for the protection of wildlife of the island of Naxos, writes, say:

“Marios is a 71 cm long male Caretta carretta that we first spotted in 2014 swimming on the beach of Agia Anna, and since then every year from mid-April to December, he swims in the same waters, showing a special closeness to people. Over the years, we have observed its behavior and evolution, monitored the places it frequents, tried to keep it safe from dangerous human activities and informed bathers not to disturb it. from the shark, but fortunately, it healed without our intervention.Marius, like other sea turtles, needs clean and safe seas, they do not need feeding or contact with us, which can only harm them.Naxos Wildlife Protection Association already has been fighting for the wildlife of the island for many years, paying special attention to the sea turtle, making observations on the ground and intervening when necessary.Our goal is to be in harmony with this unique creature, with whom we were lucky to live on this wonderful island.”

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