22-year-old athlete died suddenly during training

A 22-year-old track and field athlete originally from Crete was found dead shortly before 7 pm on Tuesday (06/14/2022) by a citizen who came to the TEFAA Komotini stadium to run.

The news of the girl’s death shocked both the public and the sports federation. According to preliminary information, the girl was training, but at some point she became ill and fell. A doctor, who was next to the stadium, arrived in time to her, who gave her first aid (CARPA, cardiopulmonary resuscitation). He then called EKAB and the young athlete was taken to Komotini General Hospital “Sismanogleio”. However, the doctors declared the death of the girl, writes in.gr.

TEFAA third-year student Komotini was reported by the media in Crete to be from Palea Rumata in the municipality of Platanias and an athlete in the athletics department of Theseus Perivolia (Θησέα Περιβολίων). She reportedly recently traveled to Heraklion to take part in a running competition.

The young sprinter often trained alone, a fact that cost her her life. According to the first estimates of experts, the athlete had been unconscious for a long time before she was discovered.

The information states that she was wearing spikes, indicating that she trained under competitive conditions despite the heavy rain that hit Komotini during training. A forensic medical examination will determine the cause of the girl’s sudden death.

She was reportedly wearing a smartwatch that recorded her pulse. The gadget is the subject of an investigation by the authorities, thanks to which the exact time of death will be established.

When the athlete was found, she was already dead and did not respond to the resuscitation measures taken (which were provided by a doctor who arrived at the stadium in time).

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