Lions and tiger… got lost

The commotion provoked the transport of “live cargo” – lions and tigers – through the border checkpoint Promahonas.

Initially, an image of two lions, in apparently small cages (unsuitable for keeping), published by ERT, was accompanied by information that these beautiful animals were destined for Mykonos.

The information caused a public outcry, since there is neither a zoo nor a circus tour on the island. Then why was it necessary to take the poor animals to the Isle of the Winds? For someone’s crazy entertainment?!

Thus, the president of the Panhellenic Federation for the Protection of Animals and the Environment, Natasha Bombolaki, demanded the intervention of the prosecutor.

“Cargo” mixed up

However, as Evzoni Customs Chief Yiannis Karakasidis explains iefimeridathese three beautiful wild animals, which started their journey from Slovakia, had their destination not in Mykonos, but in Albania, but had to pass through Greece, because there is no veterinary checkpoint in all border areas, which in this case was necessary .

Thus, yesterday morning, the car with the lions and the tiger was forced to cross the border of Greece (to Promachonas) for a while and then leave Evzoni.

“It was an export from Slovakia to Albania. I think the animals have already arrived in Albania. There were no problems with supporting documents. A truck left us with an export declaration from Slovakia to Albania. A veterinary examination was carried out by SYKE Evzoni veterinarians and no problems were identified.”

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