As soon as – so immediately: Iranian authorities reported that Greece promised to return oil from the detained tanker to the country

Greece promised to release the detained tanker with Iranian oil and return the cargo to the owner, according to the Iranian Ports and Shipping Organization.

Earlier, a Greek court issued a ruling according to which oil from the tanker could be transferred to the United States, but the decision, according to Reuters, was canceled. “The Greek government has issued a corresponding order, and at the moment there is a (procedure.— ”b”) to release the ship and return the cargo to its owner, ”says the message Iranian department.

The Pegas tanker under the Russian flag was detained at the berth of the Greek city of Karystos on April 19. The decision on this was made within the framework of the sanctions imposed by the European Union (fifth package of sanctions EU includes a ban on Russian ships entering European ports).

On April 22, the tanker was released. But literally immediately they arrested again, while not informing anyone about the arrest. The reason was the US request to the Greek authorities demanding the arrest of oil from the Russian tanker. Washington claims that the oil is from Iran, and the company that “will benefit from its sale” is blacklisted by the US due to suspicion of financing terrorism.

The Greek authorities, for unknown reasons, apparently due to excessive zeal in pursuing claims from Big Brother, pumped oil from a tanker and, according to officials from the maritime ministry, sent this oil to the United States.

The incident provoked an angry reaction from Iran: May 27 Navy Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps captured two Greek tankers in the Persian Gulf, after which warnedand that there are 18 more Greek tankers in the Persian Gulf within reach of Iranian security forces.

Panic, complaints to the EU and NATO about “piracy” helped a little. US and EU officials expressed concernbut they refused to help Greece in this matter – “you have made porridge, you will disentangle it.”

I had to backtrack. The Chalkis court decided to release the tanker and return the cargo. Iran, satisfied with the decision, promised to release the tankers. However… a few days later, the same court of Chalkis (the capital of the island of Evia, where the Pegas tanker is located) issued a decision according to which the oil from the tanker could be transferred to the United States, but the decision, according to Reuters, was canceled.

Iran never released the Greek tankers and called for a peaceful solution to the conflict “without any intermediaries.”

On June 9, the Court of Appeal of Chalkis overturned an earlier ruling that allowed the Greek authorities to detain tankers with Iranian oil and transfer part of the cargo from them to the United States, Reuters reports, citing sources. “The claim for the annulment of the decision has been accepted by the court,” the agency’s source said, noting that now the verdict will be difficult to cancel. Reuters does not have information about whether the Greek government or the US is going to challenge the decision. According to various sources, the oil either sailed to the United States, or the tanker was turned back, or it didn’t sail anywhere, and all the reports were lies.

In any case, Greece has suffered and continues to suffer reputational and financial losses. But the officials who made the decision, self-esteem has grown to incredible proportions. And the tankers, by the way, have not yet been released …

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