June 14 you can see the “strawberry moon”

The first of three supermoons in 2022 will occur on Tuesday, June 12th. The Full Moon will coincide with the Moon’s closest approach to Earth, making it appear slightly larger and brighter than usual.

In Greece, this will happen at 14:51 on Tuesday, which means that the full moon, if it is not obscured by clouds, you can enjoy both Monday night and Tuesday night.

The Native American tribes called this full moon “strawberry” because it coincided with the peak season for the ripening and harvesting of the popular fruit.

The second supermoon will follow on July 13, and the third and last this year will occur on August 12 and will almost coincide with the Perseid climax.

Since the distance between bodies fluctuates constantly due to the elliptical orbit of the moon, there is a phenomenon when the full moon coincides in time with the very close approach of the moon. The distance from the Earth to the Moon ranges from 406,712 kilometers (peak) to 356,445 kilometers (periphery), with an average distance of approximately 384,500 kilometers.

When a full moon occurs near orbit, it is believed that there is a supermoon or superfull moon, terms that are not astronomical.

The term, according to the United States Space Agency (NASA), was coined by astrologer Richard Noley in 1979. The full moon at the periphery, because it is closer to us, looks up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than the full moon at its apogee. In addition, an extra full moon is about 8% larger and 15% brighter than an average full moon.

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