A ship carrying 16,000 sheep sank off the Red Sea

16 thousand sheep drowned in the port of Sudan, the authorities have already announced a serious environmental threat to the Red Sea.

The TV channel reported the incident. Sky News Arabiaspecifying that the ship’s crew escaped:

“The ship BADR 1, which was loaded with 15,800 sheep for shipment to Saudi Arabia, sank near the pier.”

The TV channel reported that the cause of the tragic incident was a banal overload: the maximum tonnage of the cattle carrier was designed for 9,000 animals, after modification it increased to 12,000. The animals were being prepared for shipment to Saudi Arabia on the eve of the Muslim holiday of sacrifice, Eid al-Adha.

Due to the mass drowning of so many animals, the port authorities announced a serious threat to the environment, writes BB.LV.

A similar incident happened two years ago. In Romania capsized shipcarrying over 14,000 sheep. The Palau-flagged Queen Hind capsized on November 24, 2019 for an unknown reason, shortly after leaving the local port of Midia. Animals locked in cages were under water. Only a few sheep managed to get out, they were picked up by rescuers. Almost all the sailors, 22 Syrian citizens, were not injured, only one was taken to the hospital with hypothermia. The ship was heading to the port city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, lenta.ru reported.

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