Sunday reading. How household trifles give away a woman’s age

The representative of the beautiful half of humanity is as old as she looks – this is an axiom. But some things in her own house can treacherously betray her real age.

signs of maturity

The arrangement of home life by a woman over 40 cannot be confused with the everyday life of a 20-year-old. The atmosphere of the apartment of a mature lady simply screams about the practicality and comfort of her mistress. Psychologists say that until the age of 40, a woman’s priorities are directed towards the family, and when she crosses this age line, she remembers herself and her own comfort, which she had to sacrifice before. And the older the mistress of the house becomes, the brighter this manifests itself. Just don’t think she’s turning into a narcissist – she’s finally becoming herself. And in her house, with a high degree of probability, there are seven things that ruthlessly betray age.

antiage care cosmetics

No matter how trite it may be, but the first witness of 40+ is a number of jars of age-related creams. And this despite the fact that absolutely all ladies are well aware that even the best and most expensive of them are not able to get rid of treacherous wrinkles. But after all, it is not so much the result that is important as the ritual itself, besides, the skin will become much more well-groomed. But the most important thing is evidence that now a woman’s love is directed at herself, her beloved. And the cost of antiage creams is directly proportional to the level of this love.

Heels or “goodbye youth”

Well, let’s not be so categorical, the option of forty-year-old women is somewhere in the middle. Walking around all day in high heels, to the detriment of the health of her legs – this is no longer for her, although high heels are not irrevocably denied. But if there is a choice – comfort or “suffering” – a lady aged 40+ will no doubt choose the first option. Especially if fate was favorable to her, a loved one is nearby and you don’t want to attract male attention once again – this is already enough in her life.

Boxes, napkins and other interior “frills”

In an effort to make their home cozy and attractive, women love to decorate it with various trinkets and napkins. Every year their number gradually increases, pleasing the eye of the owner of the house, and over time, the apartment silently testifies – her owner is clearly over forty.

Pack with sachets

Admit it, is there such a convenient attribute in your house? So you are far from twenty years old – pragmatism and convenience in small things come with age. And for outsiders in the house – this is an unmistakable “indicator” that a mature pragmatic woman lives in the house.

Kitchen arrangement

The presence of kitchen appliances, pans and pots for all occasions does not at all indicate the culinary abilities of the hostess of the home. Rather, it is a passion for convenience – each dish has its own dishes and special equipment. Well, and evidence that this lady, at least middle-aged, is subject to any situations in the kitchen – experience comes over the years, as the equipment of the cooking place improves over time.

Home first aid kit

The first-aid kit of ladies after forty is full of all kinds of ointments, tablets and sprays. This does not indicate the presence of health problems, rather, everything is about the same practicality and unwillingness to even briefly leave the cozy comfort zone. You never know, anything can happen, “the pocket does not pull the stock.” Agree, for 20-year-old women, this approach is completely not typical.

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