Lesvos flooded with tourists from Turkey

Turkish citizens, who know a lot about recreation, took advantage of the sunny weather and set off from their native shores … to the Greek island of Mytilini to spend time here with pleasure.

According to experts, Lesbos is one of the first options for choosing a place to stay in Greece among tourists from Turkey. The “hot inhabitants” of Turkey mostly prefer the cool waters of the Aegean Sea. Showing an “appetite” for shopping, Turkish citizens of all ages arrived in Mytilini by ferry and began to passionately spend their hard-earned money “right and left”.

Thousands of Turks come to the Greek islands to “tastefully” spend their holidays here. What they are asking the Greek government is only to reduce the cost of issuing a visa and increase the length of their stay in our country. However, not everyone is so apolitical and came only on vacation. The inhabitants of the island were very alarmed by the arrival of a private yachts from Turkey, over which the Kemal flag was flying (σημαία του Κεμάλ).

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