Coronavirus and monkeypox – forecasts for the fall

Theodoros Vasilakopoulos spoke about the new coronavirus vaccine in the fall and about the forecasts of experts, noting: “We will have more cases of monkeypox.”

The professor of pulmonology-intensive care said that an updated covid vaccine for all age groups will appear in the fall:

“For the entire population, from September-October, there will definitely be a new vaccine, which will include in its composition those mutations that prevailed, it will be updated.”

On the topic of the fourth dose of coronavirus vaccines, the professor explained:

“Those who definitely need a fourth dose are citizens who are immunosuppressed, or those who are over 60. In our country, the fourth dose vaccination has slowed down even for these ages. These people should not wait until the fall for a new vaccine, because we continue have 4,000-4,500 cases a day. We are in a recession, … we have just under 100 hospitalizations a day, and all restrictive measures are practically lifted. So the elderly should be protected by the fourth dose.”

However, Theodoros Vassilakopoulos makes an optimistic prediction:

“Coronavirus will never again be what it was for society. Now there are other weapons in the hands of the scientific community, such as a very good antiviral formula. It is a pill that you take as soon as you get sick to avoid the hospital. There is also a combination of monoclonal antibodies that will last for six months. There are weapons, the coronavirus will never be what it was again.”

After two cases of monkeypox reported in Greece, the professor could not avoid this topic:

“We will have more cases of monkeypox, that goes without saying. It looks like it is a disease that has deviated a little from its normal transmission route this time around. We shouldn’t worry too much, the disease is not very contagious, it is relatively easy to contain. also does not have asymptomatic transmission. Symptoms appear within 1-2 weeks, and those who show them can easily trace their contacts.”

So with monkeypox today, the prognosis is also optimistic. You can relax and enjoy your summer holidays.

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