Rescue of a tourist who was carried away on an air mattress into the open sea

In the area of ​​Agios, on the beach of Gournes (Crete), there was an incident with a vacationer who was swept into the sea on an air mattress.

Despite the fact that meteorologists warned citizens about the storm, and one of the basic rules for relaxing on the beach says: “do not use beach equipment, inflatable rings and mattresses when the wind is strong,” the woman still decided to use a watercraft.

Once far from the shore, she panicked and fell into the sea. The tourist immediately began to scream and call for help, but her friends tried in vain to help her.

And although there is no rescue tower in the area, a person from the Oceanis rescue school of Crete, who patrolled the area on a boat, arrived at the scene. He managed to save the panicked tourist by giving her first aid and calling an EKAV ambulance, which took her to the hospital.

There are many cases when an air mattress was carried away from the shore by a strong current or strong wind. The man on the mattress needed the help of rescuers. There were cases when the distance to the shore greatly exceeded the capabilities and strength of the “swimmer” carried away. Air mattresses are often used by people who do not swim well or even do not know how to stay on the water at all. Finally, the mattress can roll over, have a defect and simply burst. Not everyone realizes and understands the danger of such a holiday (swimming on air mattresses).

Recall that Athens News has already talked about how Russian tourist, carried away to the sea on an inflatable mattress, spent 21 hours thereand was only saved by a miracle.

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