Greek Defense Minister Angry "plums" information on the supply of weapons to Ukraine

The Greek edition, which is considered to be close to the Greek Ministry of Defense, said that Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos is extremely annoyed for the “leaks” of information about the shipment of weapons to Ukraine, which he “attributed” to the military.

Information about what weapons Greece sent to Ukraine was everywhere and even from the first moment of sending, according to an editorial publication of the publication.

“The article is taken from the Ukrainian news site Tpyxa (with a link to Pronews, approx. edition), which describes ““an incredible amount” of weapons and ammunition from Greece to Ukraine“. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not know this and was annoyed that the leadership of the official opposition asked the question: “Where did the weapons come from?”.

The leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Main Directorate of Foreign Intelligence, which is suspicious of numerous and various annoying leaks, should have been satisfied with the attitude of Greek journalists to this issue for a very long time.

After months of the government playing stupid hide-and-seek, the Rizospastis newspaper published a list of what our country sent to Ukraine until April 27th. The citizens of Greece have the right to know where the weapons that have paid a lot of money go. The government was obliged to report it from the first moment. He should put aside stories about secrecy, because his constant calls now degrade the meaning of secrecy.

At the same time, in social networks, the “blue hyenas” launched a “headhunt” in search of “traitors”! We do not yet see any irritation from the government, which called yesterday for the first time for a nationwide rally“.

In addition to what has been said, it is worth noting that this is not the first time that the official opposition has been catching the incumbent government in hiding the supply of weapons to Ukraine. Opposition thinksthat “Greece is now in a rather dangerous position due to the escalation of Greek-Turkish relations, and what the government is doing is disarming in the face of the enemy and betraying the people.”

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