December 11, 2023

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Fraudsters send letters on behalf of the head of the Greek police

The scammers use the data of the head of the Greek police, as well as other officials of the police and the Ministry of Civil Protection, sending emails to extort money.

The Greek Police warns that in recent days, recipients have been receiving letters signed allegedly by the chief of police, Lieutenant General Konstantinos Skumas, bearing the logos of the Ministry of Civil Protection, the Hellenic Police and Europol, with the round seal “Hellenic Republic – Hellenic Police” and other elements that give the impression that the message really comes from the Greek police.

The sender of the email is “Alanis Coelho Souza” with the alleged position “Head for Systems and Identification” from the “Federal Police” (“επικεφαλης στηματων και ταυτοποιησης” “ομοστυνομια”).

The name is completely non-Greek (looks like Spanish or Portuguese), and there is definitely no federal police in Greece.

According to the Greek Police Headquarters, compared to earlier fraudulent letters, this is an attempt to give more and more truth under the pretext that their recipient is under investigation for suspicion of pornography and other crimes.

For this, real logos and names of law enforcement agencies are used, an imprint of a round seal with the alleged signature of the head of the Greek police, and there are practically no spelling and syntactical errors in the corresponding text (apart from the name and title, on which the authors of the letters clearly pierced).

EL.AS. warns that this email is clearly false and misleading. This message, like others like it, is sent by attackers who are trying to deceive, mislead citizens, and then get illegal financial gain.


The content of the letter translated into Russian sounds something like this:

“After the removal of incriminating information during the computer investigation, we are suing you for: child pornography, pedophilia, cyber pornography and exhibitionism.
For your information: the legislator stated that the crimes and offenses provided for by the Criminal Code, when they are committed through a telecommunications network, are subject to more severe punishment.
Upon completion of our investigation, we have concluded that you have committed these crimes, namely possession, viewing, transmission and viewing of perverted or child pornographic images and videos over the Internet while conversing with minors under the age of 16.
We also found that erotic messages, boasting, and masturbation sequences were practiced through webcam and instant chat sessions.
Obscene content accessible to minors under the age of 16 constitutes the crime of sexual display, child pornography, pedophilia and cyber pornography and is strictly punishable by law.
The data recorded by our IT experts and managers is key evidence of your crimes.
Please email us your reasons for review and review within 48 hours. After this time, we are required to forward our petition to the court in your area to issue a warrant for your arrest, which will result in immediate arrest by the nearest police.
We will then register you on the National Sex Offender Registry and your file will also be shared with anti-pedophile associations and the media.
Please send your response to the email address of the Hellenic Police Directorate: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
Address: P Kanellopulu 4, T.K. 101 77″

The email is pretty standard for Nigerian spammers, and if you reply you will be required to “pay a fine” in cryptocurrency to close the case. Options are possible.

Citizens are asked not to reply to or delete this or similar messages, and to “do not open” attachments in order to avoid receiving malware, which no doubt will be in the event of receiving an email.

It is recalled that systematic attempts have been made lately to scam such text-messages using the data of officials of the Ministry of Civil Protection. Unfortunately, some (especially those who really feel the above sins behind them) are led to the provocation of scammers, losing money as a result.

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