Tragedy in Germany: a teacher became a victim of a collision, schoolchildren suffered

When a car hit people in Germany, a teacher died, among the victims were children. The perpetrator of the tragedy left a note of gratitude.

The driver of the ill-fated car turned out to be a 29-year-old resident of Germany of Armenian origin. He was also injured as a result collisionafter providing the necessary assistance, the man will be interrogated, reports Bild. The investigator, speaking on condition of anonymity, said:

“This is by no means an accident, this is a mass murder, a cold-blooded killer.”

However, there is no official confirmation of his words yet. The police are investigating all the circumstances of the incident and possible versions, including a deliberate hit-and-run, as a result of which a woman died and nine people were injured.

The media reported that the deceased was a teacher, and schoolchildren were among the victims. Detailed information, until the notification of relatives, is not disclosed. All the wounded were seriously injured, six are in serious condition, their lives are in danger. There are also victims in a mild degree, their number is not called, writes RIA News.

As later reported sky news police, 14 children were injured, their teacher turned out to be dead. The children came from the German land of Hesse. A male driver with citizenship of Armenia and Azerbaijan, Gor Kh., was detained. Eyewitnesses claim that he first drove into a group of people, and then into a shop window. He tried to flee the scene, but was stopped and handed over to the police.

In 2016, the terrorist Anis Amri drove a stolen truck into the Berlin Christmas Market at this place. As a result, 12 people died and fifty were injured.

Video from the scene, near Breitscheidplatz, with the consequences of a fatal accident:

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