The European Parliament recommended granting Ukraine the status of an EU candidate

At the plenary session, the European Parliament adopted a resolution in which it recommended to the Council EU grant Ukraine the status of an EU candidate: “as a clear political signal of solidarity with the people of Ukraine.”

According to “European Truth” citing Deutsche Welle, a resolution calling for Ukraine to be granted candidate status, as well as to provide it with the necessary weapons as soon as possible, was approved on June 8: 438 deputies voted in favor, 65 against, another 94 abstained. The European Parliament recommended:

“Without delay, provide weapons in accordance with the needs expressed by the Ukrainian authorities, in particular, using the European Peace Support Instrument and the Focal Point, as well as through bilateral agreements between the EU states and Ukraine.”

With the help of this tool, the EU has already allocated 2 billion euros for weapons for Ukraine. The text of the resolution also emphasizes the sovereign right of Ukraine itself, without external interference, to choose its alliances. The decision also calls for an investigation into war crimes committed by the Russian army in Ukraine and for the imposition of secondary sanctions against organizations and third countries that help Russia circumvent sanctions:

“The strategic goal of the free world is to help Ukraine eventually defeat the Russian aggressor and regain control over its territory within internationally recognized borders.”

At the same time, DW notes that during the discussion of the resolution, the Social Democrats tried to amend this paragraph, changing it to “undermine the ability of the Russian Federation to threaten the integrity of neighboring countries and undermine international security in the future,” but the amendment did not find proper support. The original text of the resolution has also been preserved:

“The lack of an adequate response to Russian aggressions against Georgia in 2008 and against Ukraine in 2014 prompted Russia to continue aggressive military and political campaigns, including a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.”

Today, June 9, according to media reports, the leaders of the European Parliament groups intend to adopt an appeal to the leadership of European countries to grant Ukraine the status of a candidate for EU membership at the June summit of the bloc.

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