Serbian media sensation: Lavrov wanted to be kidnapped

According to Serbian and Russian media, they wanted to kidnap the Russian Foreign Minister during his visit to Belgrade.

The North Atlantic Alliance allegedly planned to forcibly land Lavrov’s plane and detain the diplomat in Bulgaria. The Serbian Informer published the sensational news:

“The announced visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to our country caused a real diplomatic and intelligence war, which seriously threatened to plunge the whole of Europe into complete chaos.”

As writes RIA URA.RUreferring to the Serbian edition, if the operation was successful, Russia would have to negotiate with the West:

“The first idea of ​​Brussels and Washington was blackmail and threats to force Serbia to cancel the announced visit of the Russian minister. This was followed by fierce pressure like never before! President only [Сербии Александр] Vučić knows what messages he has received and from which sides. However, he did not succumb, so NATO had to switch to other plans.”

The publication writes, referring to a high-ranking official of one of the Western embassies in Belgrade, that London offered to close the sky over Serbia so that Lavrov’s plane would land in Bulgaria. By taking Lavrov hostage on the territory of Bulgaria in this way, it was planned to weaken Moscow’s negotiating positions and force them to make concessions to Western countries, writes Tsargrad. The article, posted in the Serbian edition, was published by the Russian TV presenter Olga Skabeeva.

It is also reported that President Vucic had information about the activity of Western intelligence agencies, but did not cancel the visit. However, it still did not take place, as neighboring states refused to provide airspace. Three NATO countries (Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Montenegro) prevented Sergey Lavrov from visiting Serbia on June 5, closing your airspace and thus “blocking” the trip of the Russian foreign minister.

Later, the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that these countries did not give permission for the overflight of the aircraft of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Answering the question whether Lavrov’s visit to Serbia was canceled because of this, the Russian Foreign Ministry said: “Our diplomacy has not yet mastered the ability to teleport.”

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