"Is this an ally?"- Minister of Defense of Greece about Turkey

National Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos issued a statement in which he explains why he does not want to have an ally like Turkey:

“As Turkish provocations escalate, I will start from the position of the Minister of Defense in relation to Turkey, a NATO ally. But what is Turkey’s ally really? And how much does our country need such alliances?”

National Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos explains why he does not want to have such an ally: “It is strange for us,” he says, “that we have such an ally who threatens us with war. Have you ever seen allies threaten each other with war? Should Turkey threaten us with war if we exercise our legitimate right, in accordance with international law, the right to expand our territorial waters?

The Minister of Defense continued: “I do not need such an ally. Such an ally who daily makes 40 overflights of our islands. Not just an invasion of our airspace, but overflights of the Greek islands with residential areas. Sometimes it happens at night, and I’m very wondering why all this is done? Among allies? Isn’t it strange that there is an ally calling for the demilitarization of some of our islands? What can I do to make them such allies?” the minister asked.

Hardalias: let the Turks learn to count

Deputy Defense Minister Nikos Hardalias has been criticized by his Turkish counterpart Hulusi Akar. And do you know why? Because, according to Turkish official information, he will have to obtain permission from now on to visit Aegean islands such as Farmakonisi or Inousses, or Pserimos, Kos, Symi, Halki, Rho, Kastelorizo. According to Akar, Greece is guilty of 953 violations in 2022 – both at sea (316 Navy ships) and in the air (637 aircraft). Including 73 official visits to the islands, and 24 visits by the Minister of Defense of Greece. What did Mr. Hardalias say?

“Learn to count correctly,” he replied that, according to the Turkish Ministry of Defense, he visited the Greek islands 24 times. And then he pointedly added: “I have been to these islands much more than they say, and I will go to them just as many more times.” The deputy minister speaks of a “neo-Ottoman delusion” – not only composure is important, but also the determination shown by the Greek side.

“Cavusoglu’s new delusion” this difficult summer

As if all this wasn’t enough, Turkish Foreign Minister Melvut Cavusoglu has once again challenged Greek sovereignty over the Aegean islands by continuing Ankara’s provocative rhetoric this difficult summer to discuss the “doubtful” sovereignty regime of the islands. In fact, he accused Greece of “inferiority syndrome”, noting that every day Greek politicians attack Turkey … with tears in their eyes!

Ankara fuels instability

Athens immediately responded to Cavusoglu: “Turkey’s accusations are illegal and fuel instability,” according to diplomatic sources, which indicate that Greece has sent two letters to the UN and rejects all of Turkey’s arguments.

Mitsotakis: I don’t hold grudge against Erdogan

The Prime Minister sent a new message to Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the hundredth time in recent days amid an escalating Turkish provocation. Speaking at the “Igeyama conference”, he described the escalation of tensions at the fault of Turkey as an unpleasant development of events, stressing that the impression was “after my meeting with President Erdogan that no actions will be taken that will directly provoke the other side.” Unfortunately, Turkey did not fulfill this obligation.However, when asked about the end of direct contacts at the highest level between the two sides, which Erdogan hastened to announce, the Prime Minister said that “this is not the first time that the President of Turkey says that he is not talking to me.” “I hold no grudge, but I will confidently defend the Greek positions.”

Report of the European Parliament – a blow to Turkey

An overwhelming majority of 448 votes to 67 with 107 abstentions voted in favor of this year’s European Parliament report on Turkey’s 2021 accession process, the rule of law, and in terms of its provocations against Greece and Cyprus. In particular, through a storm of 54 sub-points of criticism and remarks, it is emphasized, among other things, that the process of Turkey’s accession is being delayed due to the fault of Ankara, as democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights in it lag behind, which worries MEPs.

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