How to open an account in Europe for citizens of the Russian Federation

Every month it becomes more and more difficult to open an account, and not only in Europe. Even those people who applied for opening an account back in March cannot open it already in May.

If initially, when the law was signed, at least Russians with passports or residence permits of other countries could open an account, but now everyone who is somehow connected with Russia has problems.

What you need to know about accounts in European banks?

  1. Many programs have now begun to be done without opening a European account. Do not forget that all instances (tax, consulate, immigration service) are an agreement between people, and consulates understand many things and go to a meeting.
  2. Banks behave differently with the accounts of Russians. Everything is uneven here: some banks close accounts, others block them, and still others find ways to open these accounts.

What are the ways to bypass the lock now?

  1. Open a company account
    Until now, in Europe, when a company or a branch of a company is opened, it is possible to open an account for it. But this is only in the case when the director of this company has permanent residence in a European country and does not fall under sanctions.
  2. Get a student visa
    A student visa is a workaround that allows you to quickly obtain a residence permit, open an account and bypass many of the bureaucratic complexities in Europe.
  3. Apply for a residence permit without an account and open an account in the process
    Often, countries allow the account to be opened not in the country where the person is traveling, but in a third country. You declare the available accounts at the consulate when applying for a visa, come to a European country, apply for a residence permit and become a resident of the country, having already a temporary residence permit. A resident of the country has the right to open an account.

Now I would not advise opening accounts just like that or “in reserve, let it be”, because it is too expensive. At the same time, do not let problems with accounts get in the way of your migration.

About the author: Anna Shumskaya Project Manager “EU easy”, founder of European educational projects in Greece and EU.

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