Greek rescue service warns against floods

Greece’s Civil Protection has warned of severe weather and the risk of flooding. During a live briefing on Thursday evening, Civil Protection issued a warning to citizens in several regions of the country.

Vasilis Papageorgiou, Secretary General of Civil Protection, said that intense weather events, heavy rains and thunderstorms are expected over the next 24 hours, which will mainly affect Epirus and the Ionian Islands, Thessaly, Sporades and Northern Evia.

“The most dangerous phenomena with heavy rains and thunderstorms will occur tomorrow, Friday, June 10th. Severe floods can occur in many cities and towns in the western part of the mainland and parts of the Ionian Sea, the northwestern Peloponnese and Thessaly up to Pieria and the Sporades. ,” he said.

“Significant river and stream flooding is likely to occur mainly in the wider region of Thessaly due to the expected duration of downpours,” Papageorgiou said.

He stated: “Based on the National Weather Service forecast, severe weather events are forecast from today, Thursday, June 9th, until Monday, June 13th, 2022.

According to local media kozanilife motorists had to be evacuated as their vehicles were stuck in the water, and many streets were flooded due to dirty sewers and large amounts of rainwater.

Atmospheric disturbances will affect most of Greece.

According to site Civil Protection :

  • The most dangerous phenomena with rapid rains and thunderstorms are predicted in the next day, on Friday, June 10, in the Ionian Islands, Epirus, Western Sterea, Western Peloponnese, Macedonia, Thrace and the islands of the northern Aegean, Thessaly, Sporades, Eastern Sterea and northern Evia .
  • Floods can occur in many cities and towns. Mainly in western Sterea, including part of the Ionian Islands, but also in the northwest Peloponnese as far as Pieria and the Sporades. Especially in Thessaly, where prolonged rainfall is expected.

The competent state services, as well as the regions and municipalities of the country, have been informed about all this. We are all on alert to deal with the effects of severe weather immediately.

Civil Protection recommends:

  • Avoid any unnecessary movement during hazardous weather events.
  • Never, for any reason, cross streams, streams or flooded roads on foot or in a vehicle. We repeat for no reason!
  • Citizens should follow the relevant announcements in the media and always follow the instructions of the authorities.

Warning sms -messages by emergency telephone < 112 > sent to thousands of citizens in areas predicted to be hardest hit by bad weather front Genesis . 24 hour warning.

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