Greek NOTAM blocks five areas in the Aegean Sea to keep the 4th Turkish drilling platform out

Athens is trying to prevent Ankara’s actions in view of the fourth Turkish floating drilling rig Alparslan entering the Eastern Mediterranean by issuing NOTAM A1781 / 22, in which it identifies five areas of interest to Turkey for the exercises of the Greek Navy and Air Force.

The effect of NOTAM refers to the beginning of July, when there is a corresponding statement from the Turkish side regarding the release of a Turkish drilling rig into the sea.

“Turkey’s fourth drilling vessel, which also has an active positioning system and a crew of 200, can drill at depths of up to 12,200 meters. Preparation of the ship in the port of Tasuzhou for drilling will take about two months. The ship will be ready to sail to the Mediterranean in early July,” Turkish network TRT wrote on May 11.

According to the Hellas Journal website, Greek General Staff officers probably know that this will not interfere with Ankara, since it decided to implement its plan, that is, send a drilling rig or one of the research ships to the sea area of ​​​​the Turkish-Libyan memorandum.

However, if there are some naval and air force exercises and hence a buildup of Greek forces, the situation is changing for Turkey and now it will have to reconsider its plans in order not to start a military conflict.

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