Unique ancient burial found in northern Greece

An unusual burial, whose age is estimated at 2100 years, was discovered by Greek archaeologists near Kozani, in the north of the country.

The director of the Kozani Ephorate of Antiquities, Areti Chondrogianni-Metoki, spoke about the find of archaeologists, according to Planet Today. According to the description of a specialist, this is the burial of a woman who rests on a bed with bronze decorations in the form of mermaids. Her appearance suggests that the deceased belonged to a wealthy family. The woman’s hands are entwined with gold threads, presumably, this is part of the embroidery that was used to decorate the clothes.

Particular attention of scientists was attracted by the bed where the body of a woman was located. It is decorated with an image of a bird holding a snake in its beak – a characteristic symbol of the cult of the ancient Greek god Apollo. The head of the deceased, apparently, was decorated with a wreath of golden laurel leaves, which were found on the body. A glass vessel and four clay pots are placed next to the woman’s body. Scientists suggest that the burial was made about 2100 years ago, writes GreekReporter.

Earlier, our publication said that Greek archaeologists found ruins of an ancient city Meliboia, which Homer described in his immortal Iliad, near the port of Agiokampos in Greece. The remains of a Hellenistic sanctuary, built from alabaster and locally sourced stone, have come to light during the EFA excavations begun relatively recently by a team of archaeologists led by Nectaria Alekoi. The find dates back to the III-II centuries BC. This city is mentioned on the pages of Homer’s epic poem describing the events of the Trojan War.

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