Turkey whips up aggressive rhetoric: "Let’s uproot the hearts of the Greeks"

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu accused Greece of violating the demilitarized status of the islands in the eastern Aegean, and also criticized visits by Greek officials, calling these visits “violations.”

He repeated the same story about the status of the Aegean islands and demilitarization. At the same time, Erdogan’s political partner Devlet Bahceli of the Fascist Party (MHP) claimed not only several islands in the Aegean but for the entire Dodecanese. He raised aggressive rhetoric the last few weeks to a new level and threatened to “extirpate” the “hearts” of the Greeks.

The Greek militarization of the islands in the eastern Aegean is a violation of long-standing international treaties, and the continuation of this violation calls into question their sovereignty, declared on Tuesday, a senior Turkish diplomat press conferences in Ankara with his colleague from North Macedonia Bujar Osmani.

Greece becomes “more aggressive” because it is unable to respond to Turkey’s position from a legal point of view. Greece’s criticism of Turkey may be “a reflection of an inferiority complex”, said Cavusoglu in a not very diplomatic language.

“Mitsotakis and Dendias know how to whine,” continued Cavusoglu, – Greece successfully justifies itself and whines on the most unfair issues. We urge you to respond like a man and to the point to our letters.

Among other things, he complained that “Athens is lobbying for Turkey’s attempts to obtain F-16s from the US; this step is contrary to the solidarity of the NATO alliance, of which both countries are members.

Cavusoglu’s statements made on Tuesday are only “flowers”. “Berries” are issued by Erdogan’s more “bloodthirsty” political partner, the leader of the fascist-racist MHP party Devlet Bahceli, who said that “Mitsotakis seeks an armed conflict with Ankara” and threatened Greece, addressing the deputies of his party:

“The heart and face of the Dodecanese are turned to Turkey! Whoever touches our vein, we will uproot his heart.”

He further argued that “Mitsotakis, like his grandparents, becomes an instrument of foreign powers, by his actions and rhetoric brings the situation to the breaking point. By visiting islands whose sovereignty is in question, he tries to challenge Turkey, and they [греки ] are at our doorstep. The Prime Minister of Greece is trying to arrange provocations to create an atmosphere of armed conflict, if necessary, because he wants to make the Aegean Sea a Greek sea,” the leader of the Gray Wolves summed up.

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