June 10, 2023

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Mysterious deaths of children in Patras: drugs were not found in the blood of Iris and Malena

A second toxicological examination, carried out at the laboratories of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, does not link the deaths of the two girls, Iris and Malena, to drugs.

Further research was deemed necessary after the drug ketamine was found in the body of 9-year-old Georgina, who died while hospitalized last January. Georgina was the third child of the Daskalaki-Pippiricou family of Patras, who died within two years.

The first girl to die was Malena, 3.5 years old, who passed away in 2019. Second 6 month old Iris who died in 2021
year. The 33-year-old mother was arrested at the end of March because she was the only person in the hospital room at the time of Georgina’s death.

The police investigation was launched on 11 February after medically unexplained death of three sisters ( in detail A.N. reported here ) demanded the intervention of the prosecutor’s office.

A thorough forensic examination, including histological and toxicological analysis, found the substance ketamine in Georgina’s body. A police investigation, during which several hospital doctors and nurses were questioned, concluded that none of the paramedics injected the girl with the substance, which is commonly used by veterinarians to calm cats.

For Malena and Iris, a second consecutive toxicology study was performed on their biological samples, as the first was done according to protocol at the death of the children. An official statement on the cause of death of the two girls is expected at the end of the week.

According to Alpha TV, this time the cause of their death will not be “ambiguous”, and the causes of death of both Malena and Iris will be established for sure. “The possibility of death from suffocation comes to the fore,” Alfa journalists noted on Wednesday afternoon. The media reported that the option of exhuming Georgina’s body for testing for drugs in her hair is still open.

The case sparked outrage in Greek society, with TV channels, newspapers and lifestyle magazines devoting hours and thousands of words to the coverage. mysterious deaths, but with virtually no clues or additional evidence. Some called motherMedea“, others defended her …

The discussion was fueled by the parents of the three girls, who almost constantly spoke to the media, either blaming or supporting each other. Apparently following the advice of their lawyers, both mother and father, now separated, stopped appearing in the media.

So far, it has not been proven that the mother acquired ketamine, and that it was she who injected the drug to Georgina. However, the police are continuing their investigation, looking into mobile phones, Internet searches and family contacts.

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