Flag of Kemal in the port of Mitylene, the immediate reaction of the authorities

Turkish provocation on Monday on the island of Lesvos – Kemal’s flag was hoisted on a sailing ship.

Kemal’s image appeared on a sailboat that raised a provocative flag as it docked in the port of Mytilene on Monday afternoon. The intervention of the Port Authority was immediate. Coast guard officers left for the scene of the incident, who drew the attention of the crew to actions unforeseen by the rules of navigation and asked to lower the flag.

According to aeolos.tv, now only the Greek flag is on the ship. The immediate reaction of the coast guard was praised by the president of the sailing club ΛΟΙΑΘ (Λεσβιακού Ομίλου Ιστιοπλοΐας Ανοιχτής Θαλάσσης) Nikos Tallas:

“Big Bravo” to the Mitylene Coast Guard, whose eyes are open both at sea and on land. A Turkish tourist boat moored in the port of Mitylene hoisted Kemal on her sail on the flag. The Port Authority immediately intervened and the flag with Kemal’s photo was taken down “It’s not in the shipping regulations. Again, bravo to the guys from the Coast Guard who don’t miss anything.”

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