September 22, 2023

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Exploding coffee makers found at IKEA

The IKEA store is recalling a product sold in it – a coffee maker – as a precautionary measure: it can explode during use.

In the announcement, the company says it is carrying out a preventive recall of the METALLISK (espresso) 0.4 liter coffee maker with stainless steel safety valve code 2040 and 2204.

“We call on all consumers who have a METALLISK espresso machine – 0.4 liter capacity, with stainless steel safety valve – for home use, stop using it and contact IKEA for a full refund.

Our top priority is the safety and quality of the products we offer. Due to the possibility of explosion during use, we are recalling the METALLISK 0.4L espresso machine (silver or grey). The experts found that there were problems with the material and design of the safety valve of the stainless steel coffee maker. The recall applies only to products with production codes 2040 and 2204“.

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