British Parliament votes to keep Johnson as Prime Minister

Boris Johnson remains as Prime Minister of Great Britain – MPs were unable to announce a vote of no confidence in him. He won 59% of the vote: 211 Conservative deputies voted in favor of trusting the prime minister, 148 voted against him.

Boris Johnson called his confidence vote victory “decisive”. He said it was a “very good, compelling” result and “an opportunity to leave behind everything the media is talking about.”

The prime minister remains in office, but critics say the scale of the uprising against Johnson is evidence of a weakening of his power. Some are calling for him to voluntarily resign.

1922 committee chairman Graham Brady, who had been authorized to initiate a vote of no confidence in Johnson, announced the results of the vote: 211 MPs (59%) voted against the resignation, while 148 (41%) supported the resignation. This means that next year it will not be possible to initiate a vote of no confidence in the prime minister.

Johnson was not present at the announcement of the results, after his own will (as a Member of Parliament), he returned to Downing Street. Before the vote began, Johnson addressed his fellow party members, promising the Conservatives to “bring them back to victory” and warned against “meaningless fratricidal discussions” about the future of the Conservative Party. He urged “to refuse a gift to opponents” and not to “dance to the flute of the media.”

The no-confidence vote against Johnson lasted from 18:00 to 20:00 local time. To retain the position, it was necessary to obtain the support of at least 180 conservatives out of 359. Before the start of voting, writes air forceonly 151 deputies publicly supported the prime minister, while 43 publicly supported the resignation.

British Education Minister Nadeem Zahavi said Sky News that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will rejoice tonight as his ally remains prime minister.

Prime Minister’s Problems arose from the Partygate scandal – the Johnson government was accused of organizing alcohol parties during the COVID-19 pandemic, at a time when gatherings were banned across the country. And although the prime minister initially rejected personal involvement in them, a recent investigation has shown that he was trying to hide the truth. This led to a drop in Johnson’s rating – according to a ConservativeHome poll, he is at the bottom of the “cabinet table” of party members. Reports say Britons have a job satisfaction rating of minus 15 points.

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