New 100% subsidized professional experience program for 10,000 unemployed

Applications for the “10,000 Unemployed Youth Under 29 Training Program in the Attica and Central Macedonia Regions” have already begun.

In particular, 6,500 unemployed young people in the Attica region and 3,500 people in the Central Macedonia region will have the opportunity to improve their skills and prepare for entering the labor market through subsidy programs Δ.ΥΠ.Α (former ΟΑΕΔ).

Who is this program for?

Beneficiaries must be registered in the registers of the unemployed of the Employment Promotion Centers (KPA2) Δ.ΥΠ.Α., based in areas under the jurisdiction of the regions of Attica and Central Macedonia, age up to 29 years, graduates of any level of education.

The purpose of the vocational training program is to increase the access of young people to the labor market through the acquisition of professional experience, as well as to eliminate the phenomenon of “leakage of scientific personnel abroad”.

The program lasts 7 months, and Δ.ΥΠ.Α. will pay beneficiaries a monthly allowance equal to the statutory minimum wage (with full insurance premiums), as well as a portion of holiday bonuses and vacation pay.


Companies interested in participating are included in the program depending on the number of employees as follows:

1. Number of staff prior to recruitment of beneficiaries and recommended number of new staff:

  • 3 people – 1 trainee (hired under the program),
  • 4-9 people – 2 trainees,
  • 10-19 people – 3 trainees,
  • 20-30 people – 5 trainees,
  • 31-50 people – 8 trainees.

2. With more than 50 people employed in the office, recruitment of up to 20 trainees is possible.

The necessary condition is that the company did not make a staff reduction due to the termination of the employment contract within 3 months before the application was submitted.

Companies interested in participating submit an electronic application through the Δ.ΥΠ.Α website.

The program with a total budget of 65,000,000 euros is co-financed by Greece and the European Union “Ανάπτυξη Ανθρώπινου Δυναμικού, Εκπαίδευση και Δια Βίου Μάθηση 2014-2020”).

For an official invitation to the program and additional information, those interested can visit the Δ.ΥΠ.Α website.

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