Ceasefire talks take place without Ukraine

Kyiv does not take part in the negotiations on the terms of the ceasefire, which are being held by the United States, Britain and the European Union, writes CNN.

Sources of the publication report that discussions, among other things, are being conducted on the four-stage plan for resolving the conflict proposed by Italy, which the United States opposes. It involves the fulfillment of four points:

  1. A ceasefire and the creation of conditions for the observance of this regime.
  2. Negotiations on the neutrality and non-alignment of Ukraine, secured by international political guarantees and the procedure for Kyiv’s accession to EU.
  3. Resolution of territorial disputes between Kyiv and Moscow, first of all – the status of Crimea and Donbass (these regions will return under Ukrainian sovereignty on the rights of broad autonomy with the ability to maintain their linguistic and cultural differences, economic freedoms and openness of borders, as well as “their security”).
  4. Conclusion of a multilateral agreement on the “reorganization of international balance sheets, starting with relations between the EU and Russia”.

In a CNN post says:

“Ukraine does not directly participate in these discussions, despite the US commitment to ‘say nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine’. There is no unity in the United States regarding the plan proposed by Italy. Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US Ambassador to the UN, said, for example, that the Italian the program is “one of those initiatives that we certainly would like to see as a way to end this war.”

However, writes edition citing two sources, in fact the US is against the Italian proposal. Washington says it does not intend to put pressure on Ukraine for territorial concessions. The channel’s message says:

“The hope, officials say, is that the United States can support Ukraine long enough to see things through to a peaceful settlement, not outright surrender.”

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