Dive for a thousand: the “golden” baths of Mykonos

Swimming on the famous beaches of Mykonos will cost a lot if you are willing to fork out a decent amount.

Mykonos has always had a reputation for being an expensive island, and this is confirmed at every opportunity, even when it comes to visiting the beach. Those who choose the famous vacation spots with beach bars and restaurants put their hand deep enough in their pocket to “fit”.

The Mega channel in the central news release presented a report on the estimated prices that exist on the island, which describe how much it costs to stay on the island of the Winds.

“Obviously, there are restaurants that have now gained worldwide fame (filed lawsuits over huge food bills). But also, if one decides to luxuriate in a sun lounger, one will have to pay the corresponding fabulous price, despite having to make a reservation in advance,” said Iraklis Tsisimopoulos, president of the Mykonos Association of Businessmen and Professionals.

Amazing prices

For example, for a set of soft sunbeds with an umbrella and towels, a couple will have to pay 160 € just for booking. However, for the VIP service, a large sun lounger sofa for three people with an umbrella and beach towels costs 500 euros.

In some cases, a minimum level of spending is set for each company. For example, on Friday and Saturday, citizens on vacation will have to fork out 1,500 euros, and in some cases, a “beach holiday” can reach 2,000 euros. On other days, there is a relative decrease in prices, the specific amount drops to 1000 euros.

A report about how the “rich / poor” rest in Mykonos … back in 2016. What has changed since then?

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