Putin:"History shows what will happen in Germany when it rearms – destruction and dismemberment"

Moscow is warning Germany in the most official way of a complete military catastrophe and the occupation of at least its eastern side, following Berlin’s decision not only to rearm, but also to receive “the strongest armed forces in NATO.”

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz earlier said in an interview with German media that Germany will soon have “the largest traditional army in Europe” among the NATO countries. He added that in this way the security of Germany and its allies would be “significantly strengthened”.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova handed over a message from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who served for many years as a KGB officer in East Germany, then a member of the Warsaw Pact:

“We perceive this statement by the Federal Chancellor of Germany as yet another confirmation that Germany has embarked on a forced remilitarization of its country. Alas, everyone knows well from history how this may end. We will closely monitor the announced rearmament and a possible increase in the size of the armed forces Germany, taking into account its international legal obligations on restraint in the military sphere,” Zakharova said at a briefing.

Russia recalled that at one time it (together with its allies) had already destroyed not only the German military machine, but the entire 3rd Reich, redistributed the territory of Germany, transferring part of the Czech Republic and Poland, and occupying German territories by annexing them to Russia, as this happened in 1945 with Kaliningrad, which had previously been the German Koenigsberg.

Will we see a third catastrophe in Germany, which is now gradually ceasing to be a buyer of Russia in terms of gas, oil and coal, and therefore losing its importance as a partner of Russia? Maybe.

Here, of course, if nuclear weapons “talk” …

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