Dozens of illegal immigrants “occupied” the Greek territory of the island of Evros and provoked a crisis

Dozens of illegal immigrants have been detained on a nameless island belonging to Greece, on the Evros River – they are asking the Greek authorities to grant them asylum.

54 illegal immigrants made their way to the island unnoticed by the Greek authorities and posted on the Internet photos of their children, where they ask for their “salvation”. The Turks refuse to accept them back and send more and more new refugees every day.

Every day, from 500 to 1000 people try to break through the river into the territory of Greece. Typical shots from the village Ormeniowhere several dozen illegal immigrants freely entered.

On the east coast, there is a buildup of Turkish military, which warns the Greeks not to repatriate illegal immigrants back to Turkish territory. The relevant Greek units are monitoring the situation.

The same scenario with illegal immigrants on the Greek island of Evros took place a few days ago. In fact, the situation is reminiscent of the story that took place in March 2020, when thousands of illegal immigrants from Turkey, incited by the Gray Wolves group, went to break through the Greek border.

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