Greek Ministry of Labor replaced ΟΑΕΔ with ΔΥΠΑ

The ΔΥΠΑ logo is presented today by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in the context of the transformation and modernization of the Employment and Employment Service – ΟΑΕΔ.

As mentioned in the related announcement, “the new name of ΔΥΠΑ symbolizes the restart of the old ΟΑΕΔ, which, due to the adoption of law 4921/2022 “Jobs Again” (“Δουλειές Ξανά”), has acquired new responsibilities. The chosen name is focused on the logos of similar services that exist in European countries.

The creation of the emblem of the new service was approached with a creative approach. The design of the logo is dominated by the “human factor”: under the letter Y (ύψιλον), which is depicted in the form of a tree, two people are depicted. Which schematically reflects the message of “protection of workers’ rights” by the State Employment Service.

The goal of ΔΥΠΑ is to focus on the unemployed and salaried workers, and to create more training and employment opportunities. The color palette of the logo varies. The base color is blue and differs depending on the categories of activities and ΔΥΠΑ service points in the field of employment, education and social policy.

According to Hatzidakis, the creation of ΔΥΠΑ marks a restart of ΟΑΕΔ, reports

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Kostis Hatzidakis said: “The new visual image of ΔΥΠΑ marks a restart of the important but until recently unwieldy ΟΑΕΔ organization. With the help of law 4921/2022, we are transforming the organization as a whole and turning it into a flexible public service, people-oriented and synonymous with employment.

ΔΥΠΑ is becoming a modern and European service that understands and facilitates the efforts of our fellow citizens to find the desired job. The organization provides significant support to workers, new tools and opportunities, as well as training and certification programs that are in high demand in the labor market.”

The goal of ΔΥΠΑ, focused on the needs of citizens, is to support and help the unemployed in finding work, and companies to find suitable personnel.

“The world is changing, the labor market is changing, and it is our duty to change too,” the authorities say, “in order to respond to new and constantly changing needs of the economy and fulfill our role more effectively. The new logo announces the reorganization and modernization of a body that is being improved and strengthened — in terms of responsibilities, resources and impact on society as a central pillar of social and economic policy”.

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