December 11, 2023

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Decision of the Greek Ministry of Health regarding masks for ships, taxis and pharmacies

The statement of the Ministry of Health reads: “At today’s meeting, the expert commission of the Ministry of Health unanimously recommended:

For taxi: Mandatory mask for drivers and passengers.

For cruise ships: The mandatory use of masks is suspended and reintroduced if more than 2% of passengers or 4% of crew members become ill within a week, or more than 1% of all on board become ill within 48 hours.

For passenger ships: The mandatory use of masks on board has been suspended for the outside of the vessel, while the mandatory use of masks indoors remains mandatory for all crew members and passengers.

For pharmacies: The mandatory wearing of a mask by staff and customers remains.

Recall that from June 1, indoors in Greece, including supermarkets and shops, you can enter no masks and without the risk of being fined. But in some places they still remain.

Masks are not required in supermarkets and retail outlets. However, the ministry emphasizes that everyone should make a decision independently, taking into account the recommendations.

The mask remains a mandatory protective attribute:

  • in public urban transport – metro, buses, trolleybuses, trams;
  • in nursing homes;
  • in hospitals;
  • at final and entrance examinations for schoolchildren and students.

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