C.Isychos: “Will the government of Mitsotakis turn Greece into a Mediterranean Guantanamo?”

Ex-Greek Deputy Defense Minister Kostas Isychos commented sharply on the Mitsotakis government’s defense and foreign policy policies, focusing on the decisions to send weapons to Ukraine, as well as the backlash against an obscure act of confiscating Iranian oil from a Russian tanker.

His opinion was published this morning by a widely read military resource in Greece Militaire.

“Hotter than the Pope”, “the most NATO in NATO”, “more American than the Americans”, This is how Kostas Hesychos described the actions of the current Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis:

“To the piracy committed by the Greek government (at the direction of the US Pentagon) against an Iranian ship in Karystos, with the seizure of its cargo (crude oil), the Iranian armed forces responded by seizing two Greek tankers and detaining their crew (among them two Greeks). Since Greece is one of the leading arms suppliers to the Ukrainian regime, after turning a deaf ear to the recent directive of the Right Sector of Ukraine to go on with the killings in Donbass, in order to eliminate Russian-speaking citizens and citizens of Greek origin, as reported by Russian and Greek media currently, now mobilized Greek law to implement US sanctions that do not have an international legitimizing basis (UN)“, – this is how Costas Hesychos assesses the arrest of a Russian tanker with Iranian oil and the supply of weapons by Greece to Ukraine.

“The transformation of our country into a Third World Banana Republic is tragic, dangerous and extremely humiliating for the dignity of the Greek people,” Isikos said. The complete Americanization of the country’s political life and its foreign policy opens the way to great national and social tragedies. The time has come for a massive powerful anti-imperialist and peaceful movement, which will turn the country into the most important factor of peace, dialogue, defense of national and popular sovereignty, without patrons and NATO diktat” summed up the former deputy minister of defense of Greece.

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