June 10, 2023

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When is a Greek driving license invalid?

Traveling abroad requires appropriate preparation and, of course, checking that the driver’s license is valid in the countries we intend to visit.

Summer is just around the corner and many want to travel abroad with their own car or rent one for their travels. Where is a Greek driving license valid? But maybe you need international ones?

Driving license 1 sample

After a driver’s license has been issued in one of the countries EU, you can use them anywhere. But before you go on a trip, make sure that the validity period of the certificate has not yet expired. If it expires while traveling abroad, the driver’s license will automatically become invalid and may not be recognized in other countries. Also, you must keep in mind that cannot drive to another country with a provisional driver’s license.

Since 2013, all driving licenses issued in EU countries have a standard format – plastic card with a photo, credit card size and enhanced security features, so you will not have any problems.

Driving license 2 samples

If you have an old ID or want to visit certain non-EU European countries or countries on other continents, then you will need to get an international driving license to drive your own or rented car.

The International Driving Permit is an additional accompanying document to a valid driving license issued by the Greek authorities and in no way replaces it. The competent authority for issuing international driving licenses is ΕΛΠΑ and its local branches.

Conditions for issuance and supporting documents:

  • The person concerned must have a valid driver’s license (Greek/European).
  • Provide the original of a valid Greek/European driver’s license.
  • New passport or police ID.
  • New color photo.

An International Driving Permit can be valid for one or three years, depending on the issuing country, with one year costing €50 and three years €90. ΕΛΠΑ issues an international driving license on the same day, provided that the person concerned has collected and submitted all the necessary supporting documents.

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