Greece’s Tourism Campaign 2022: “You will want to stay forever”

The Greek tourism organization EOT built its new advertising campaign for 2022 on an emotional video with the slogan “You will want to stay forever.”

The protagonist Otto, an Austrian, visited the country many years ago to taste the Greek summer, but was “captured” by the emotions created by Greece and… He stayed here forever!

“When you are planning a trip, the first thing you look for is advice from other travelers based on their personal experiences. And when it comes to summer holidays in Greece, it turns out that there is one feature that most people agree on: “… once you have been to Greece, you will want to stay here forever.”

And why so? It’s all about the unpretentious simplicity of Greece – friendly locals, narrow streets, picturesque boats, whitewashed houses, eternal sun, endless sea, traditional tastes… All this can act as a “dangerous” temptation so strong that you never want to leave. from here…

Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said of the 2022 campaign:

“As one of the five strongest travel brands in the world, this year we have decided to focus on the emotion of visiting our country. The real story inspired a new advertising campaign for Greece abroad. Through the narrative of the experience of a traveler who originally came to our country on vacation. But the peace, simplicity and beauty he experienced encouraged him to stay, work, start a family in Greece and finally change his life. Forever and ever.

The campaign, which is already being promoted in the target markets of Greek tourism, is supported by the Onassis Foundation.

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