Greece: gasoline up to 3 euros per liter?

The country’s market immediately reacted to the seizure of 2 Greek tankers by Iran, as a result of which the prices for 95th gasoline rose by almost 10% on Sunday and reached 2.38 euros in Athens, and on the islands to a shocking 2.5 euros per liter.

Fuel traders predict further growth during the week, fearing that the price will reach 2.50 euros and even 3 euros per liter (98th already at 2.81 on Santorini on Monday).

Nikos Papageorgiou, President of Attica Fuel Station Traders, warned on Sunday morning of a week of strong price increases, stressing that the price of unleaded petrol from refineries had risen to 2.16 euros (including an excise tax of about 1 euro per litre).

Referring to the skyrocketing fuel prices, Papageorgiou, reportedly, said: “A new wave of price increases has begun, and we will have to look at refinery prices to understand what is happening. Today, Greek refineries sell unleaded petrol for 2.16 euros and diesel for 1.70 euros. To do this, we must calculate the 10% that all participants must earn together, that is, the company, the service station and the carriers. Thus, the price for the consumer should be 2.36 euros per liter of unleaded gasoline.”

He later predicted on ANT1 that very soon the average price of unleaded petrol would reach 2.50 euros, and in fact this week will be a week of intense price growth. At the same time, he complained that the higher the price of fuel, the lower the turnover of filling stations.

In conversation with Mega TV Vaso Kontochristou, President of the Magnesia Prefectural Fuel Trading Company, mentioned the new phenomenon: fuel on credit. Motorists fill up and pay later when they receive a salary or pension.

At the same time, owners of gas stations in central and northern Greece have recently complained that some motorists with a full tank disappear without paying.

Generally speaking, prices are out of control. In Magnesia, we are almost at the level of 2.28 euros per liter, and on the island of Alonissos, the price is approaching 2.70 per liter,” Kontochristou said.

Emphasizing also that “the higher the prices, the lower the consumption”, he said that “there must be a solution either to reduce the excise tax on fuel or to reduce the value added tax. Something has to be given back to society.”

A state subsidy of 30-50 euros per month and a car looks like a drop in the ocean, in April inflation reached more than 10%. Consumer organizations demand “greater control” to avoid the phenomenon of speculation, and “responsible government approach to the problem.”

Some media such as cnngreece, reported over the weekend that tourists holidaying in Greece are moving little because of fuel prices. According to Price observatories of the Ministry of Developmentaverage price of regular unleaded gasoline on Monday 30 May was 2.26 euros per liter, while gasoline with an octane rating of 98/100 – 2.422 euros per liter, diesel 1.826 per liter

Santorini average price plain unleaded gasoline on Monday May 30 was 2.487 euros, 98/100 – 2.584 euros (reaching 2.81 in places), diesel 2.069 per liter.

Map of fuel prices at gas stations in Greece

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