Erdogan: “We will bury modern Byzantines”

“We will bury modern Byzantines,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan shouted to a crowd of half a million on Sunday, during a celebration he organized to mark the 569th anniversary of the fall of Constantinople.

The holiday was held at the old Istanbul Ataturk Airport, which the Turkish President will turn into a national park.

A band of Janissaries set the rhythm, while the crowd waved Turkish flags and cheered on the president and his wife, Emine. The event included an air show featuring the Turkish Air Force’s best squadron, and the crowd consisted of civil servants, schoolchildren, local AKP members and ordinary people who took advantage of the fact that public transport was free that day.

Once again, Erdogan has criticized the personal verbal attack of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, complaining about the speech of the Greek Prime Minister in the US Congress. After Erdogan’s statementThere is no Mitsotakis for me, I will never meet him again.” Last week, the Turkish president issued a new maxim: “From now on, I will not talk to Mitsotakis. Why? I deal with people who do politics personally, not puppets. We are friends with those who are friends with us, but they should know well what we do with those who see us as enemies.

During his speech at the celebration, Erdogan placed special emphasis on the national goals he has set for the vision of a strong and united Turkey by 2053:

“Turks must be united, and the national interests of the country are more important than politics. As our ancestors buried Byzantium, so let’s hope that today, building our vision for 2053, we will be able to place in the time loop of history and modern Byzantines, weaving intrigues against us.

He also touched on the war in Ukraine, saying that the situation between Russia and Ukraine must end. He asked himself a question and answered it himself: “Turkey must stop this bloodshed.”

“We say: stop in Libya, Syria, Iraq, the Mediterranean and the Aegean,” he said, calling the war in Ukraine “a stop in Crimea.”

“Constantinople was the favorite city of the Prophet Muhammad, which is why it was conquered and “fell” from the hands of the Byzantines,” the Turkish president said.

According to the main headquarters of the armed forces of Greece, on Sunday, May 29, the ground armed forces of Greece, as well as its air force and navy, were put on full alert.

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