Athens welcomes two guests: Bill Gates and… a new strain of omicron BA.4

Bill Gates visited the Acropolis and tasted souvlaki. He flew to Athens in a private jet on Friday evening. Gates visited the Acropolis, and journalists report that he was happy to talk with American tourists who also climbed to the Parthenon.

After visiting the museum, the tycoon visited one of the traditional taverns where he ordered a traditional Greek dish souvlakiand also ate Greek ice cream.

Bill Gates arrived to Greece on Friday 27 May and stayed in the presidential suite of the Hotel Great Britain (Μεγάλη Βρετάνια) located on Syntagma Square in Athens.

Contrary to the opinion of conspiracy theorists, for whom the owner of Microsoft is the main culprit of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the main reptilian, etc., etc., etc., Bill Gates is coordinating investments in Greece in the amount of 1 billion euros, we are talking about construction data centers in Spata, Koropi, Markopoulos. Within the framework of this project, it is planned to create more than 300 jobs, and the infrastructure of data transmission networks (Internet) will be significantly improved.

Microsoft currently has data centers in 26 countries, including seven in the European Union. The Redmond, Washington-based company is working with the Greek government on an augmented reality project in Ancient Olympia, home of the Olympic Games.

Earlier, Paul Gardner Allen, an American entrepreneur, co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, arrived in Greece, his yacht Octopus appeared in the bay of the Ionian Sea Mesoiniakos. The yacht, worth more than 385 million dollars, occupies today fourth place among the longest in the world.

Simultaneously with the president of Microsoft, Pfizer CEO Albert Burla arrived in Greece, reports readers.grwhich, coupled with the above figures, greatly strained the conspiracy theorists.

PS Perhaps this is a fatal coincidence, but the Greek Ministry of Health today announced the emergence of a new strain of coronavirus Omicron BA.4, which is considered more contagious, but most often occurs with mild symptoms.

Its symptoms include an incubation period of 2-3 days, fever and cough, as well as weakness, runny nose, sometimes loss of smell and intestinal upset.

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