Russia is ready to strike the USA

Russia has declared its readiness to strike at the United States in the event that Ukraine uses American weapons to strike at the Russian Federation.

Russian TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, apparently referring to the United States, says live on air that Russia can strike by “decision centers”:

“Biden understands that if Russian nuclear power plants are in the affected area, if our cities are hit with a large number of victims, then we can generally consider this situation differently. We can say: “You supplied American weapons. You are to blame.” We can strike at the decision-making centers.”

Earlier, The New York Times, citing CNN, reported on the agreement of the administration of US President Joe Biden to transfer multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine. A source close to the process said that the decision will announce next week, without naming the type of weapon. It is assumed that this may be the installation of the M31 GMLRS, hitting a distance of more than 70 kilometers. The United States has approximately 42,000 ammunition for these installations.

An administration source assured The New York Times that the systems planned to be handed over to Ukraine “do not give Ukraine the opportunity to strike deep into Russia,” this was the main selection criterion.

The publication also says that, perhaps, the United States will include Himars long-range MLRS in the next package of military assistance to Kyiv. They are capable of hitting targets at a distance of 300-500 km. However, this information was not confirmed at the briefing by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

Russia commented on publications on the supply of multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine from the United States. Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said that “this is fraught with unpredictable consequences for global security,” the press service of the diplomatic mission reports on Telegram. In his opinion, the United States is getting more and more “drawn into the conflict.”

Former CIA chief William Burns warned of danger – he admits the possible use of tactical or small nuclear weapons by the Russian Federation in the event that the Russian army “despises to achieve a semblance of victory in the war against Ukraine.” And Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, threatened to place nuclear weapons in the Baltic.


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