Turkish military analyst: "Greece is currently preparing for war with Turkey…"

The Turkish media are actively discussing the possibility of a Greco-Turkish war and the “defenselessness” of Istanbul, which has no air defense.

Greek portal Capital says:

“Comments and analyzes are being published that allegedly prove that Greece is planning an attack on Turkey. This time, the focus is on Istanbul and how undefended it is.”

According to a Greek journalist, “paranoia has reached a dangerous level in Turkish politics, on television and, consequently, in Turkish society.” The publication publishes the opinion of Erdogan Karakous, a military analyst, which he expressed on the air of a Turkish TV channel CNN Turk:

“Greece is currently preparing for a war with Turkey … The Center for Strategic Studies, which studied the firepower of both sides, revealed the following: the war between Greece and Turkey will be three days, but these “two to three days for each side can have a daily cost of 1 billion dollars.”

The expert draws attention to the “insecurity” of Istanbul, the lack of effective air defense:

“Today, what is there from air defense? Today there is nothing. Istanbul, which we defended with missiles from the 1960s to the 1990s, is not protected today.”

According to the Greek edition, such rhetoric from the Turkish media is necessary in order to rally Turkish society around President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Earlier, our publication reported that Turkey “boasted” of the creation new cruise missile Çakır, whose range exceeds 150 km. Anadolu agency announced the new development of the company. Modern ammunition is capable of hitting both surface and coastal targets. A missile of this type can be included in the arsenal of aircraft, sea and land platforms. Among the features of Çakır are the KTJ-1750 turbojet engine and the homing head that allows hitting targets in any weather.

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