When will all benefits be paid

On May 30, OPECA will pay out the benefits that thousands of Greek families are looking forward to.

In particular, on Monday, an additional amount will be paid to the child allowance, the minimum guaranteed income EEE (KEA) and all other benefits.

All payments are credited to beneficiaries on the last working day of the month, however, they can be received at ATMs in the afternoon of the previous day. Therefore, on Monday, the amounts will appear on the accounts of beneficiaries. Benefits will be paid to 1,502,385 beneficiaries.

The entire list of benefits from OPECA, which the organization must pay on May 31:

  • Housing allowance: number of beneficiaries 285,259, total amount €34,536,896.
  • Minimum guaranteed income: number of beneficiaries 224,813, total amount 46,760,130 euros.
  • Persons with disabilities: number of beneficiaries 170,750, total amount €72,421,412.
  • Housing assistance: number of beneficiaries 773, total amount €249,118.
  • Allowances for foreigners: number of beneficiaries 6145, total amount 217,800 euros.
  • Benefit for the uninsured elderly (Law 1296/1982): number of beneficiaries 17,893, total amount €6,091,579.
  • Social solidarity allowance for the elderly: number of beneficiaries 17,025, total amount 5,341,158 euros.
  • Funeral expenses: number of beneficiaries 183, total amount 144,999 euros.
  • Childbirth allowance: number of beneficiaries 11,278, total amount 11,333,000 euros.
  • Child allowance: number of beneficiaries 764,537, total amount €215,811,945.
  • Grant to cover “red loans”: number of beneficiaries 2,196, total amount 143,957 euros.
  • Assistance to children who have lost parents killed in natural disasters: number of beneficiaries 6, total amount 6,000 euros.
  • A ‘residence / BRIDGE program: number of beneficiaries 1527, total amount €356,472.
  • Allowance for foster parents for the maintenance of a child: number of beneficiaries 436, total amount 219,313 euros.

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