The US does not agree with the price of unblocking Ukrainian ports

Washington rejected the conditions put forward by Russia to unblock the ports of Ukraine – the Russian Federation demands the lifting of sanctions.

According to Ned Price, a State Department spokesman, the US does not intend to lift sanctions against Russia in exchange for an unblocking. European truth quotes a diplomat:

“Of course, we will not lift sanctions in response to promises-toys. After all, we have heard false promises from the Russian Federation before. In my opinion, there are grounds for skepticism, because more than once we have heard various kinds of promises and proposals from Russia.”

Price called Russia’s weaponization of energy and food appalling:

“The fastest solution to the problem of rising prices for raw materials, rising food prices around the world is the end of the brutal war by the Russians, the end of the Russian blockade of the ports of Ukraine, the end of attacks on grain elevators, the end of attacks on ships with grain.”

The State Department rejected Russia’s claims that the sanctions imposed against it led to the global food crisis.

Earlier, Moscow announced its readiness to provide a humanitarian corridor for ships to leave Ukrainian ports to export crops through the Black Sea, subject to the lifting of sanctions and the clearance of mines in the waters.

Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, urged not succumb to blackmail Russia. Speaking in Davos, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum, he said:

“Russia is now engaging in blackmail, saying that it will unblock export routes for the Ukrainian agricultural country if the West lifts sanctions. Unfortunately, some believe this… Yes, we sympathize with everyone in the world who will be affected by the massive consequences of this Russian blockade. But I call on every politician. regardless of his status or the country he represents: before talking about the lifting of sanctions to save children from starvation, let him come to Ukraine: look at the dead children, talk to parents whose children were raped by the Russian military – and shut up.”

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