June 10, 2023

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Letter from Greece to the UN refuting Turkey’s claim to the Aegean islands

Greece submitted a letter to the UN addressed to UN Secretary-General António Guterres, in which it documented and substantiated Turkey’s claims regarding its claims to the territory of Greece.

Turkey believes that half of the Aegean Sea, as well as part of the eastern coast of the island of Crete, belong to the neo-Ottoman hordes of Erdogan, whose goal is the so-called “Blue Motherland”.

In 2019, the Turkish President will appear in the frame with a map of Ankara’s pipe dream behind him as he signs the visitor’s book of the National Defense University, the Military Academy in Istanbul, renamed the university after the failed coup in July 2016. Turkish claims were recorded in Erdogan’s expansionist plan called “blue motherland”, voiced by him in 2019.


The map, behind the Turkish president, showed the country’s maritime borders, stretching deep into the Aegean through the islands of the eastern and southeastern Aegean, including the islands in the Dodecanese and even the Cyclades.


The map is called “Turkish Blue Homeland”. It indicates that about 460,000 square kilometers of the sea area belong to Turkey.

The Permanent Representative of Greece to the UN handed over a letter on Wednesday to UN Secretary-General António Guterres rejecting the allegations contained in a letter sent by Turkey to the same body in September 2021.

The May 25, 2022 letter focuses on Turkey’s claims that the refusal to demilitarize the Aegean islands calls into question their sovereignty. The letter rejects Turkey’s claims as legally, historically and factually untenable.

In particular, it rejects Turkey’s argument that Greek sovereignty over the Aegean Islands is in any way linked to a supposed obligation to demilitarize those islands, adding that this link violates both the spirit and the letter of the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne and the 1947 Treaty of Paris (on For some reason, Turkey constantly forgets the presence of the latter, referring only to the treaty of 1923. It is not surprising, then all of Turkey was in the camp of the allies of the Axis countries.).


Excerpts from Greece’s letter to the UN

“Greece completely rejects all the arguments contained in Turkey’s letter of September 30, which bear a clear resemblance to the arguments contained in its previous letter of July 13, 2021, as legally, historically and factually untenable. Any attempt to question Greek sovereignty over these islands on the unfounded assumption that Greece is allegedly violating its obligation to demilitarize them under the aforementioned treaties is contrary to the fundamental principle of international law regarding the stability of frontiers and titles of sovereignty.

All of the above Greek islands are entitled to the territorial sea, exclusive economic zone and continental shelf, in accordance with Article 121(2) UNCLOS. Therefore, since Greek sovereignty over the said islands is legally indisputable, their right to maritime zones and their influence on maritime delimitation have nothing to do with the question of their demilitarization.

Greece remains firmly convinced that the two countries can resolve their unresolved differences, namely the delimitation of their continental shelves and exclusive economic zones, in the spirit of good neighborly relations and in accordance with international law. Greece calls on Turkey to also commit itself to a peaceful settlement of this disagreement.”

The entire text of the letter in English is here in PDF

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