Fire in Thessaloniki: dozens injured

Dozens of children have been injured and two adults are in intensive care due to toxic smoke from a fire in a building near an after-school learning center (frontistirio) in the center of Thessaloniki.

According to Marios Apostolidis, Fire Brigade Operations Coordinator for Central Macedonia, East Macedonia and Thrace, the fire brigade was initially informed of the fire in the office building.

“The first information concerned people who fell into a trap. We immediately mobilized 12 vehicles with 40 firefighters, including a truck crane, to evacuate people from the balconies if necessary,” he said, adding that “the fire broke out in a nearby abandoned building where there was a lot of garbage.”

The fire did not spread to an adjacent building, being limited to where it started. However, the toxic smoke from the fire created a big problem: “People were forced to go out onto the balconies and onto the roof,” Mr. Marios Apostolidis said.

For his part, Alexis Spheliniotis, police officer of the Police Rapid Response Unit (Άμεσης Δράσης) of Thessaloniki, stated that the Άμεσης Δράσης center had been informed of the fire.

“We helped our colleagues from the fire department. We made sure that no one was in danger, and we passed the information received from the citizens to the firefighters so that everyone could be safely evacuated. “Everything went well,” he said.

The place in the abandoned building where the fire started.

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