Czech Republic: “Ukrainians are not allowed to enter”

The English-language Czech online magazine Prague Morning published information about the ban on entry into some Prague shops for Ukrainian citizens.

Photos were posted on social networks where signs with the inscription: “Ukrainians are not allowed to enter” were visible on the windows of Prague trade establishments. However, the publication was quickly caught in the submission of fake information, writes “European Truth”referring to

Perhaps in pursuit of a sensation or for some other reason, Prague Morning, posting a photo, wrote:

“We have just received these two photos. Ukrainians are prohibited from entering several shops in Prague.”

Indignation is growing on social networks, and scandalous photos immediately began to be used by Internet trolls for anti-Ukrainian propaganda. However, many commentators immediately realized that this was a fake. One of them claimed to live near the store shown in the picture, but had never seen anything like it.

After the appearance of the publication, the reporter of the publication Denik went to the indicated address, but did not see the inscription in the window. Moreover, the seller of the store was extremely surprised by such information and stated that they had never had such plates. The owner of the second store, Marcela Abdel Fattah, says:

“I am not doing anything else now. Clients and acquaintances contact us, and now we have to explain to everyone that this is a fake photo. We have never had such an inscription here.”

Denik then tried to contact the Prague Morning editors. They categorically refused to reveal the origin of the photos, but claimed that they were genuine. However, the photos that caused a scandal soon disappeared from the pages of the publication.

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