To whom is war, and to whom … earnings on blood

A pseudo-volunteer from the Kyiv region estimated a human life at $300, promising to evacuate a married couple from Mariupol, but both of them died.

A 27-year-old resident of Brovary, in the Kyiv region, is under arrest. He is charged by the court with fraud and leaving without the help of persons who are in a life-threatening condition. It is hard to believe that the thirst for profit can overshadow mercy, compassion and responsibility even in the conditions of hostilities in the country. The head of the National Police of Ukraine Igor Klymenko spoke about the incident, the newspaper writes. “Truth”:

“This young man signed up for the Foundation as a volunteer. He helped to keep the documentation. One day he came across a post on a social network by a girl who asked for help to take her mother and stepfather out of Mariupol. The hero wrote that he could organize this for 10,000 hryvnias. The girl immediately transferred this amount to card of the person involved and began to wait for the arrival of relatives. However, she waited for the news of their death.

The speaker of the Kyiv City Prosecutor’s Office, Nadezhda Maksimets, adds:

“The suspect gave the victims the impression of an honest, responsible person, a volunteer. The investigation believes that it was precisely because of his empty promises and delays that the victim was unable to take her parents out of Mariupol in time, because she did not look for other evacuation options. Currently, law enforcement officers are checking him against others facts of fraud. At the request of the prosecutor, the man will be held in custody without the possibility of bail during the investigation.”

Suspicion was announced to the man: on the facts of taking possession of other people’s property by breach of trust (fraud), committed repeatedly, and leaving without the help of persons in a life-threatening condition and deprived of the opportunity to take measures for self-preservation due to hostilities, which led to their death.

In March of this year, as indicated in the materials of the pre-trial investigation, the suspect in communication with the victim promised her volunteer help – to take her mother and stepfather out of the war-torn Mariupol. Truth estimated his services at 10 thousand hryvnia. The woman immediately transferred the money. He received them on March 15, but was not even going to deal with the evacuation.

Five days later, on March 20, during the shelling of Mariupol, the woman’s parents died. However, for a long time, the pseudo-volunteer continued to assure her that everything was in order with her relatives, they were safe, and he did not plan to return the money he received fraudulently.

The man did not disdain other means of enrichment. For example, he took money from volunteers to buy gasoline coupons, but … they did not see any money or coupons. Among those deceived by him in March, at least three people.

The suspect, at the request of the prosecutor, was arrested by the court for 50 days – as part of the pre-trial investigation.

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