Bahceli: Mitsotakos – "a pawn of the West and a coward"

Speaking to his parliamentary group, the leader of the nationalist movement “Grey Wolves” Devlet Bahceli used very harsh words and called the Greek prime minister a “pawn of the West” and a “coward”.

“That this prime minister, timidly sheltered under the wings of the United States and acting here and there, seeks to become a pawn of the West is a historic break, a dishonorable weakness. Mitsotakis, who put the map on the agenda [плана турецкой экспансии] Blue Motherland during a meeting with the President of the United States and complained about Turkey, as treacherous and cowardly as his grandparents. The Turkish people will resist to the end the policy of persecution and provocations of Greece, and under any circumstances will resist the attackers in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas.

In his speech Bahceli, reportedly, also said: “The Greek Prime Minister’s visit to the United States, the dubious and unscrupulous scenes during this visit, once again exposed the growing prejudice against Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots. USA and Greece met on the same line […] they found a common language against Turkey.”

He also attacked Mitsotakis for mentioning the Cyprus issue during his speech to the US Congress and stated that the Greek Prime Minister “ignored the facts and tried to cover up barbarism. First of all, let everyone know that Cyprus is Turkish and will remain Turkish. As opposed as Prime Minister Mitsotakis may be, there is no other option in Cyprus than a two-state solution based on sovereignty and equality. The will of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots in this direction. Either they will accept it voluntarily, or this goal will become a reality.”

Erdogan’s government partner said: “When will Mitsotakis remember the massacres, bloody attacks, atrocities and torture against the Turkish Cypriots? When will he confess and express his honest attitude? The fate of Cyprus is not Greek rule, but Turkish rule.”

Reference: “Gray Wolves” (tour. Bozkurtlar or tour. Bozkurtçular, the official self-name of the tour. Ülkücülük – Idealists – Turkish youth organization of ultra-right nationalists. Created in the late 1960s on the initiative of Colonel Alparslan Türkes under the patronage of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), with which it is sometimes identified.According to other versions, it existed since 1948.

It is the most radical wing of the MHP, adheres to the ideology of pan-Turkism. Actively involved in the political violence of the 1970s, she acted within the framework of the international anti-communist Gladio system. The militants of the organization were accused of a number of murders and terrorist acts, including an attempt on the life of Pope John Paul II.

Since the 1990s, she switched to fighting the Kurdish separatist movement and ethno-confessional minorities.

Since 2015 is close ally of Erdogan’s Islamist party. After the death of Turkesh, it is headed Devlet Bahceli.

The characteristic sign of the “Gray Wolves” fingers folded in a special way

The name and symbolism of the organization goes back to Turkic mythology, in which the wolf is a symbol of valor and honor[9]. The commitment to an idealistic worldview is emphasized. Nationalism and pan-Turkism are put in ideological priorities, the goal of the struggle is the creation of the Great Turan on the basis of Turkish national tradition, culture and social order.

In this concept, racist features are obvious, theses about the superiority of the Turkic race and the Turkish nation[10]. At the same time, everyone who shares national values ​​​​and the corresponding worldview is proclaimed a Turk.[11].

The Muslim religion is a condition for membership in the organization, but it does not turn into Islamism, since the ethno-cultural factor is placed above the religious one.

Totalitarian ideologies are named as opponents, and not only communism, but also fascism. The latter looks paradoxical, given the openly neo-fascist nature of the Gray Wolves doctrine.[12]. Hostility to capitalism as a materialistic system and imperialism, which threatens Turkish independence, is also emphasized.

Characteristic features of the “Gray Wolves” are the reliance on violence as a universal method of achieving the goal and the cult of sacrifice in the struggle.

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