Greek companies switched to paying for gas from Russia in rubles

There will be no cessation of gas supplies from Russia to Greece – all importing companies have switched to paying in rubles.

There are three (main) ones in the country – Mytilineos, DEPA Commerce, Prometheus Gas. Russian gas accounts for 45-55% of imports. Experts note that it will not be possible to replace it with other deliveries in the coming years. An industry source explained to RIA Novosti:

The due date for gas supplies in April is May 25. Therefore, it is necessary that the money be received in a special account on May 23. It will take two days to convert into rubles and transfer money from one account to another. To do this, payment in euros must be received on May 23.

Yesterday, AMNA (Athens News Agency) reported that DEPA had settled with Gazprom for April deliveries in euros, in accordance with the instructions of the EC on May 19, writes GreekReporter. On the eve of the Greek media reported that in the event of a cessation of Russian gas supplies, the authorities will be forced to turn off electricity due to lack of capacity. To which the interlocutor of the agency assured: “There will be no interruption of supplies, everything is fine.”

In accordance with the new scheme, Gazprombank opens special currency and ruble accounts for settlements of foreign clients. The buyer will be able to transfer funds to the first account in the currency specified in the contract for the supply of blue fuel, the bank will sell it on the Moscow Exchange, after which it will credit rubles to the account of the gas buyer and pay Gazprom from it. To agree to this form of payment, importing companies and the Greek government were waiting for the decision of the European Commission.

Recall that Gazprom is fully cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria. The reason is the refusal of these countries to pay for blue fuel in rubles.

About increase in stocks natural gas in European underground storage facilities reported May 20 Gas Infrastructure Europe. Over the past day, the growth of reserves amounted to 0.34%, and the total amount reached 41.23%. In April, high prices held back the pace of gas injection (the excess of 5-year indicators was only 12%), but this month they managed to increase. UGSF filling rate is 43% higher than the average for the last five years.

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