December 2, 2023

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ΔΕΗ: new extended call schedule

Electricity company call center ΔΕΗ open from 07:00 to 23:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 20:00 on Saturdays. The possibility of free communication is offered by calling 800 900 1000.

ΔΕΗ, remaining consistent in its promise to constantly improve the quality of service to its customers, extends the hours of its call center and offers the opportunity to contact for any issue of concern to them.

According to a related announcement, with the new extended hours on the toll-free number 800 900 1000, the ΔΕΗ call center:

  • offers information about new products and services,
  • accepts applications for the conclusion of a contract for electricity and gas,
  • offers the opportunity to conclude agreements on installment payments (for debts),
  • pay with a credit or debit card,
  • provides information and explanations regarding accruals (issued amounts) contained in the invoices,
  • offers technical support for e-invoices.

In addition, during non-working hours, our customers can receive automated information about the account balance and payment methods, as well as the progress of consideration of submitted applications.

The trust of ΔΕΗ customers in telephone services is confirmed daily. It is significant that in 2021 more than 4 million calls were answered, and in 2022 more than 400 thousand customers are served monthly.

Please note that for 80% of these calls, the average wait time does not exceed 20 seconds.

As noted, ΔΕΗ conducts a telephone survey to determine the degree of customer satisfaction with the service. It is noted that 80% of respondents say that they are partially or completely satisfied with the services provided.

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