Subsidy for electrical appliances: the replacement of the air conditioner turned into "Calvary"

Applications for the new appliance subsidy program, which provides vouchers for replacement refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners, are expected to begin in June. However, there is an obstacle that citizens must overcome in order to receive the long-awaited voucher.

Thousands of consumers are waiting for the opening of an electronic platform through which they can apply for a subsidy for the replacement of electrical appliances, including the replacement of an old air conditioner.

Anastasios Lykidis, President of the Thessaloniki Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Company

According to him, the replacement of the air conditioner is a complex processwhen technicians have to first come to the client’s home, “scan” the mechanism (and it must be working!), Then get approval, and then install a new device that the consumer will have to purchase on a voucher.

Statement made by him on the channel OPEN: “As far as we know, an application will be created on a platform where everyone will apply, both consumers and technical specialists. It turns out that when you join the program, from there one of the technicians (approved by the application) will be sent to you to take a photo and record the data of the operating air conditioner (number, series). After that, the information will be sent to the company that will take care of the disposal. The consumer submits an application, receives approval. After that, he must contact the master, agree on the dismantling of the old air conditioner and the installation of a new one. Then the amount of the subsidy will come out.

While some average amounts that beneficiaries will receive have been made public, Mr Likidis said: “We don’t know the amount of compensation yet.” The HVAC specialist said that the air conditioner will not be replaced at the same time. The voucher will be approved first, then the acceptance of the air conditioner must be approved by the recycling company, and only then the new one will be installed. As you can see, this will result in some delay. Not everyone will like it.

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